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Mila's Secret Life

Female from Ukraine, in my late thirties (Oops, 40 already). A sub, if you have to put a label, but it's more complicated than that. Mostly straight. Here you'll find my own inept drawings, photos taken in the dark on a shitty camera and maybe some pics from my collection that make me zing. Every photo here is me (and maybe my bondage buddy) unless stated otherwise. I don't mind reblogging of my content (but I do mind stealing it and removing my captions. Don't do that. If you find yourself blocked, it's probably because you repeatedly reuploaded my pics without credit). Chat and asks are welcome. Note: I don't have an account on Fetlife. If someone posts my pics there and claims to be me, feel free to report them to Fetlife admins. I have blogs on reblogme and tumblr, but if you see some of my pics elsewhere, please notify me before taking action. A few people have my permisson to post them.

A rant about reuploading

Okay folks, I feel I should elaborate on the reasons why I'm so peeved about people reuploading my pics instead of reblogging them. Yes, there are a few, beside my obvious vanity :)

First off, by downloading a pic and uploading it again you're breaking the chain of reblogs, thus robbing the original poster of all social media juice - likes and further reblogs. I'm not getting paid for my content. Those likes are my main incentive to post it. If I don't get enough of those little red hearts, I stop posting, and whose loss would it be? I thought it was obvious, but it's not, apparently.

Secondly, storing and processing images has its costs. Servers here can process only so much. When an image is reblogged, you only share a link, which is just a short string of data. But when you upload a copy of the image, the server must store the whole body of it. You may think it's free, but it's not. The cost of server space and maintenance rises with every pic you upload, so you should thank yourself for the advertisement and subscription circus going on here.

Furthermore, most of the still pics here are stored in jpeg format, which is infamous for the loss of quality with each subsequent encoding. Yes, when you upoload a pic here, it gets encoded again, what a surprise! That's why jpegs that circulate around for a long time tend to look like shit. I don't want my pics to look like shit, and I'm sure you don't want it too. So reblog the original!

And finally, if for some inexplicable reason you think reblogging is beneath you, and you absolutely must post my pic on your blog, just ask nicely via the chat, or notes, or asks, whatever. Because if you don't, I'll give you a warning, and at the second offense I'll assume you're an asshole and block you.